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Selling to the Public Sector | Marketing to the Public Sector | RFPs / Procurement Best Practices | Government Affairs Best Practices | Customer Success in the Public Sector | Consulting the Public Sector | Career Development

Once you have submitted your content idea on the Insights Contributor page, expect the following awesomeness:

  1. Selection and Submission: If your idea is selected, Patri will notify you via email and will invite you to get started on your article draft. No need to write a dissertation, though... Keep it to 400-500 words and organize it thoughtfully. Please include a brief personal biography and a professional photo of you to be included at the end of the article and ensure all quotes and references are appropriately linked to their sources and embedded in the body of the article. Submit your draft as a Google or Word document to

  2. Review and Publication: Patri will review, edit and return your draft for your final inspection. Once you give the nod, Patri will publish it on the website and send you the link so you can share with your network.

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