Take the guesswork out of bid/no-bid decisions

Patri helps you know which bid opportunities to respond to and which ones to pass on by rating your company's capabilities against the prospect's requirements. Save time, qualify opportunities like a champ, respond only when it meets your approval and document it all for higher success rates on future opportunities.

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SAVE MONEY… Lots of Money

Companies using Bid Score™ have optimized an average savings of $2,500 per user per year by passing on low-probability bid opportunities. This means teams of 20 are saving up to $50,000 per year while teams of 100 could save up to $250,000 per year by leveraging a qualify-first approach to bid opportunities.

Get your time back

Calculate how your company might perform on a bid opportunity before you ever consider submitting a response. This is done through an advanced scoring system that takes just a few minutes to complete. Give up a few short minutes to get hours of bid response time back? Yes, please!

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Drive innovation

Search, filter, and rank your bid opportunity data by organization type, estimated value, score, status and date, to drive better qualification. Identify trends over time that will drive product and process improvements within your company to improve your competitive advantage. 

Understand your odds

We provide a time-tested set of qualifying criteria to gauge your company's probability for success on new bid opportunities. Your assessment of company capabilities relative to the solicitation's requirements will produce valuable data that will guide your decision to respond or pass.

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Leverage your strengths

Pinpoint key strengths and weaknesses to improve your odds of winning. Sales, operations, legal, capture and proposal professionals will have valuable data to prioritize bid opportunities, creating a pattern of better-qualified sales cycles and more effective operations.

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Start qualifying bid opportunities today