BID SCORE™ Expense Justification Email

(Copy, paste, and modify the email template below and you're in business!)


I would like to purchase Patri to help our team prioritize which bid opportunities to respond to and which ones to pass on. It only costs $375 annually for a single-user subscription and there are also 5, 10, and 20-user subscriptions available with volume discounts. With it we'll be able to:

  • Calculate how we might perform on a bid opportunity before we ever start on the response

  • Quantify how much time and money we save every time we pass on a low-rated bid opportunity

  • Pinpoint top strengths and weaknesses for every bid opportunity

  • Accelerate decisions to respond or pass on any RFP

  • Filter bid data by name, industry, score, date, value, owner, and status to help with future bid decisions

  • Have on-demand access with no limit to RFP assessments throughout the one-year subscription

  • Train the team to understand how to best approach new bid opportunities

Would it be better to expense this or should we put it on the P-Card? 

Let me know what you think. Thank you!

<Your name>